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Vocalists Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall feature prominently throughout the song but have no lyrics, providing backing vocals of "oohs" and "ahhs". Recording and production was overseen by Martin Rushent, who had produced the band's album Dare. Speculation about who was the titular 'Mirror Man' was ended in when, during interviews to promote the band's Greatest Hits album, Oakey revealed that it was about Adam Ant.

Oakey had become concerned that Ant was starting to believe his own publicity, and was in danger of losing touch with reality. Oakey had avoided revealing this at the time for fear of offending the song's subject. The song was released as a single in the UK in November It was the first new single the band had released since the phenomenal success of " Don't You Want Me " almost a year earlier. The single was tipped by the media as their second Christmas number-one single in the UK, but peaked just short, at number two.

Its release in the U. The promotional video for "Mirror Man" was conceived and directed by Duffy [3] and was filmed on location at a deserted theatre in London. The basic premise is that Oakey is a ghost of a performer who has died and now inhabits the theatre where he reveals himself to the band who have come to rehearse.

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The main scenes are of Oakey in a dressing room singing to a mirror, spliced in with footage of the crash and death of John Cobb whilst attempting to break the world water speed record on Loch Ness on 29 September At some point Mirror Man was transferred to Blackgate Penitentiary , where he was freed one final time as part of a mass jailbreak engineered by Ra's al Ghul. Ra's had liberated all of Blackgate's convicts with the intent of using them as part of a massive campaign against Batman, but Ventris had other plans in mind. He walked away from Ra's, unwilling to fight under someone else's orders or risk capture by Batman again.

While most of the other villains were later rounded up, Batman noted that Mirror Man remained at large. Batman , October By his own admission, Ventris remained inactive and content with obscurity. As he aged he lost the appetite for grandiose capers and focused on small, modest heists. Based on his intimate knowledge of the bulky two-way electronic mirror used in his original crimes, Mirror Man was able to replicate and refine the technology.

He was left for dead by another minor villain, Tony Finch, and was last reported in critical condition at Gotham General Hospital. Another villain known as "Mirror Man", also referred to as Narcissus, appeared in Jeremiah Arkham 's imagination. Unlike Ventris Narcissus was obsessed with his own reflection, rather than the theme of mirrors in general, and spent most of his time staring into mirrors from his cell at Arkham Asylum. Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum 1, June Floyd Ventris had no special powers or abilities.

He did possess some technical proficiency, but his accomplishments were limited to reverse engineering and refining a two-way electronic mirror stolen from a dead scientist's estate. The Mirror Man's reflective glasses were known as "mirror lenses" and utilized the same technology as the electronic two-way mirror device.

He used them primarily for safecracking purposes, reading the combinations printed on a safe's interior. Ventris is re-imagined as a lab assistance who steals a mirrored cloak with light-bending properties from his scientist employer, allowing him to pass unseen among other people and commit crimes. He uses the cloak to visit his young daughter, posing as an "imaginary friend", defying a restraining order from his ex-wife.

The cloak is later revealed as toxic, and Batman deduces that it is slowly killing Ventris. Mirror Man makes makes a cameo appearance in Batman: The Brave and the Bold drinking at an underworld bar crashed by three incarnations of Batman and emerging hero Firestorm. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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Because nobody was laughing. He said nothing when all the other students called him out. All he did was post a link to a picture in the chat The moderator banned him immediately afterwards.

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I clicked on the link apart from my better judgment And I wish I hadn't What I saw in that picture will be sure to haunt me for the rest of my life. It was Tim It was his corpse.

The Mirror Man

Pale and lifeless. His jaw was hanging open as if he was screaming There were dozens of shards of glass dug into his skin, including two larger ones that were stuck into his eyes. There was blood everywhere And carved into his chest were two parallel lines, lined up vertically with an X slightly overlapping them. I was appalled and I began to cry He was a kid for fuck's sake. Who did this to him Why did they did this to him?! Instinctively the first thing I thought was The Mirror Man.

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Was he really real? Did he really do this to Tim? All these questions buzzed in my head. I started feeling nauseous. I ripped the cord out of my computer making the screen go black.

It was 35 Years Ago Today: Adam Ant is The Human League's Mirror Man -

And I just cried there. The FBI started questioning people. But one thing kept I my mind the entire time was Why couldn't I see the Mirror Man I shouldn't even be asking this, I should just consider it a blessing and leave it alone but I wanted to know why One final time I went into my bathroom. One final time I turned the lights off and looked in the mirror And One. I had said "Mirror Man Mirror Man Mirror Man" My voice grew shaky and unstable with each time my mind was about to snap I needed to know!

And finally I saw him My reflection started to distort It was replaced by a man He was wearing a pair of jeans and an olive green hooded sweatshirt. But his clothes were bloodstained There were shards of glass sticking into him and impaling him like a fucking pincushion! His mouth was sewn shut and I couldn't see the rest of his face But in his hand there was a bloody shard of mirror.

I was petrified. How does one react to a serial killer staring him down?! I didn't think this could be real. It had to be one big fucked up dream or a hallucination or something!