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From there, she went to Las Vegas and then to Albuquerque, N. There, at a 7-Eleven in a battered section of east Albuquerque, she dialed and told police that a Hispanic man and a white woman in a blue van had grabbed her while she jogged in Duluth.

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But police detectives soon got to the truth, as did the rest of the nation: The bride had run. On April 30, Wilbanks, her head hidden under a garish blanket, ran again — this time past a throng of reporters.

She boarded a nonstop first-class Delta Airlines flight that returned her to Atlanta. It was to have been her wedding day. Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter said he was examining evidence for a possible charge of making false statements to a government agency.

-All of Whine and Space-: The Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast- 'The Runaway Bride'

Sartain, a former Hall County district attorney, knows her client. Court records show that Wilbanks was arrested three times in that county on shoplifting charges from to Sartain dropped the felony charge after Wilbanks, then 24, completed a pretrial diversion program, the records show. Wilbanks performed 75 hours of community service and paid restitution, according to court records.

She pleaded guilty and served two weekends in jail. More community service could be in her future. Duluth Mayor Shirley Lasseter said the city might resolve the issue of its search costs without filing a civil lawsuit against Wilbanks, as it has threatened.

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Wilbanks and her fiance were runners, and that is how their paths crossed. But they might have met anyway. Mason went to Duluth High School, class of , played baseball and went on to Georgia State University, where he studied finance. He took a job as office manager in the medical firm his family runs, assuming a productive life in a prominent Duluth family. His father, Claude, is a former mayor. Wilbanks was a medical assistant from Gainesville, a honors graduate of North Hall High School, where she ran track and played basketball. Her family, which ran a prosperous Gainesville sporting goods store, was as respected in its community as the Masons were in Duluth.

On the office desk was a picture of Mason running in the Boston Marathon. The aunt paused, taking it in — a young man, legs pumping, eyes on a distant prize. Is he single? She had a niece who ran, too. Sure, Jennifer said.

Why the Runaway Bride ran away

So positive that, last August, Harris Wilbanks got a call from the man his daughter was dating. Could Mr. Wilbanks join him for dinner? At the dinner, Mason produced a diamond ring. The younger man asked the elder one for his blessing and permission to marry his daughter. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder. We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password. Your existing password has not been changed.

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Runaway Bride

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