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I see this only now -- the absence of a cock you loved.

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In memory, I fur-. On your cold fake marble floor I. And listen: during the long industrial softball. Today's book of poetry enters a Don McKay book with the certainty that with eyes and ears open we are about to be amazed.


Angular Unconformity, Collected Poems weighs in at a hefty fill your boots pages and does not disappoint. It is a necessary treasure. We here at Today's book of poetry believe Mr. McKay still has a library of fine poems yet to write but this tome will bring you up to date. Today's book of poetry is always surprised by how McKay gives us access in his poems.

The topography and subject range always vary but the emotional accessibility is a constant. The poems are always intelligent whip-quick, as though there were a built-in codex we all knew. Things touch. Suppose Narcissus.

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This morning's office read was legendary. The Today's book of poetry offices were over-run with poet traffic this weekend.

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They are the heart and soul behind bird buried press. They scoured the stacks and were able to find poetry to take home from our "extras" shelf.

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On Saturday Robert Hogg came by to say hello. I had Milo go back in the stacks and bring out some Robert Hogg material that wasn't signed. It's signed now. Today's book of poetry wouldn't want to put words in Robert Hogg's mouth but we both agreed that Michael Ondaatje might be the best Canadian poet.

Congratulations 12222 POL National Champion Isabella Callery of MN!

The visiting poet vibe was all over the office this morning and it showed in the reading. They are shown here for publicity and review purposes. I think love rhymes in a way with give.

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You at last open the door. Today is the day I have been waiting for when you would at last open the door. Penso che amore stia quasi in rima con dare. Apri infine la porta. Mislim, da se ljubim nekako rima z dam. Heute ist nun der so lange erwartete Tag.

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Heute ist der lang erwartete Tag. Ich glaub, Liebe reimt sich auch mit gib, wenn du willst. Poem already on my list. Today is the day you have been waiting for when you would finally begin to live when you would at last open the door This is the what , the circumstance, the more you have been withholding, saving to give.

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