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Had a frameless shower door installed by A. The job was done professionally within the time fram The glass was installed perfectly. Have hired them for smaller jobs since then. Will only work with them in the future. See More. May 16, Great people to work with! Their team helped me with my choices and gave exceptional service and a b Complete Blackpowder Courtesy. Speak with Merrill at her home at the Kirkwall Alienage in Lowtown. She tells Hawke about the discovery of an Eluvian in the Brecilian Forest by two of her clan members, Tamlen and Mahariel. She says that Tamlen disappeared and hints that Mahariel died unless imported from a Dalish Elf Origin.

If Hawke investigates further, Merrill reveals the mirror became the main reason why the Keeper allowed her to leave; it is a potential threat. But Merrill, despite the danger it poses, is determined to restore a piece of their legacy. So that the mirror can be repaired, she needs an Arulin'Holm , and Merrill requests Hawke to accompany her in facing Keeper Marethari.

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As they confront the Keeper, Hawke guides Merrill as she asks the Keeper for the carving tool. So that Merrill can claim the Arulin'Holm, she invokes vir sulevanan , the entitlement of the Dalish to a property of their people, for an errand they must perform. Though the Keeper disapproves, she accepts her proposal.

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For the task, they must kill a Varterral that has taken three hunters of the clan. The map layout is similar to Smuggler's Cut , and most of the enemies in here are spiders and corpses. If Merrill has learned and preferably upgraded Chain Lightning, that spell will be very useful, as will a warrior who can inflict Stagger on a regular basis.

Aggro the first group of Cave Spiders, then retreat all the way west and hold position if you need to.

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This should provide enough of a window to take them down while only aggro'ing two of the three Wasp Spiders, if any. Despite being Elite rank they aren't very durable and can be taken down quickly with focused fire, as long as you don't have the other spiders getting in the way. You could also try running straight through and corralling them all with the doorway, just don't forget Radha's Amulet before you go any further. The next fight allows you to retreat to the top of the stairs and eliminating the cave spiders before taking on an Elite-ranked Hunter Spider functionally identical to a Corrupted Spider , so don't worry about this fight too much.

Make sure to retrieve Harshal's Amulet from the passage off to the left. Return to the main path and pick up the Orichalcum and Glitterdust along the way, as well as a Rivaini Seer's Brand from the Standard-ranked chest near the Glitterdust, which provides a small boost to fire and spirit damage. Chandan's Amulet can be found on the ledge to the right at the bottom of the wooden steps. Continue to the left to encounter Pol. He runs away from Merrill in fear, and toward the Varterral by accident. Save before continuing any further down the stairs, as the game does not auto-save and a game-over here requires you to redo the entire cavern.

The varterral can regularly cause knockback and will spit an acidic AoE, which appears to spirit element, but it's not too difficult if you brought a warrior to hold its attention while rogues flank and mages attack from range.

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It is immune to fire on Nightmare difficulty but is vulnerable to cold. With everyone at range it will spam its AoE and thus be an even greater threat, so spread everyone out and have at least one warrior to fight at the front.

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  8. Occasionally it will simply bury its face in the ground and spit repeatedly to create a continuous AoE right under a companion, so watch out for this. They're easy enough to eliminate, so don't let them stick around too long. You could retreat up the stairs to corral them, but the varterral will likely follow and get wedged on the stairs. It cannot pursue you, but it will remain here spitting its acid and knocking back any attempt to return to the main arena, so this is not recommended.

    After the fight with the beast, Merrill approaches Pol, already dead.